November 21, 2018

In a world of disposable items, jewelry stands out as beautiful talisman that can be worn and appreciated for years to come. Jewelry is the perfect gift to give everyone on your shopping list this year. It is a beautiful accessory, a reminder of the loved ones who gift it, a passport to their life, and a personal and outward expression of their personality. When you give a little box, you win at gift giving. Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelers of America, will appear on TV morning shows across the country this year to showcase holiday jewelry gift ideas. Take a look at our gallery after the jump for a closer look at her expert picks for 2018 holiday jewelry gifts.

Remember, each jewelry purchase begins with a trip to your local Jewelers of America member jeweler. They will take care of your before, during and after your purchase. Don’t forget to get your jewelry insured. Talk to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to learn how to protect your most precious possessions.
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