Given the international nature of the industry, jewelry wholesalers are essential to the sustainability of a supply chain. They serve as a vital connection between manufacturers and retail merchants, selling large quantities of jewelry-related goods to the latter. Wholesale companies may range from one- or two-person offices to large, international firms.

On the Job

Usually, if you work for a wholesaler, you will be an outside sales representative or do the same kind of job you might find in any import/export or consumer-goods company: in-house customer service representative, shipping/ receiving clerk, inventory control, quality assurance or product management tech, webmaster, or bookkeeper/accounts clerk. Outside sales reps often have heavy travel schedules and many are self-employed, making this an ideal field for someone who wants their own business.

Growing in the Industry

Office and administrative positions can lead to sales or management, especially in larger companies. Success at inside or outside sales can take people into marketing or sales management and many representatives use their expertise and contacts to start their own companies. Other career tracks include working with factories in overseas locations, moving to sales, inventory administration, or buying within an independent jewelry store or a large multinational company.

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