What do you think of when you picture yourself in jewelry sales? Are you greeting customers with a friendly smile in a retail store environment? Chatting with a potential client about purchasing from your brand at a trade show? Or calling, emailing, or texting with a current customer or future client? All these scenarios – and more – can apply to today’s jewelry sales professional.

On the retail side, jewelry sales professionals are the end customers’ main point-of-contact when planning some of the biggest and most important milestones in their lives. On the supply side, your customer may be that retailer who is looking for the right brands and product lines for their consumer-facing business. Working for a wholesaler can mean selling finished jewelry, diamonds, watches, machines and tools, or gems to retail stores or to other dealers and distributors.

Whichever path you take, working in the field of jewelry sales can be like working in a treasure chest. It is an opportunity to indulge your love of the rarest and most beautiful things while sharing in people’s happiest moments: such as engagements, important anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations. It also requires knowledge of current trends in the luxury marketplace to assist when making recommendations to clients on what products to reorder and stock. This career path may allow for the creative development and execution of sales presentations, event planning, merchandise management and display aesthetics. Professionals in this field who specialize in business-to-business sales regularly travel and attend national trade shows, trunk shows and special events.

On the Job

Jewelry sales professionals are good at building long-lasting relationships and derive great satisfaction from finding exactly the right jewelry to meet their customers’ needs. Specific activities will vary depending on the type of business. If you work in retail sales in addition to selling you may do things like set up the store’s windows and showcases, use computers to track inventory or manage customer relationships, and assist with special in-store events.

Sales representatives who work on the supply side may work as inside or outside sales representatives. Inside sales reps sell products over the phone and online, while outside sales reps sell products through face-to-face meetings, through trade shows, or buying groups. Professional in this role are often required to drive profitable sales growth and provide customer service with existing retail and wholesale business partners, as well as build relationships and develop new business.

As technology alters the jewelry marketplace, some aspects of the sales job have changed but the basic need to help a customer find and discover what they want remains the same.

Growing in the Industry

Sales experience is the foundation for many careers within the jewelry industry. Salespeople can become sales, office, or store managers and move from there into buying or corporate management. Many choose to continue as salespeople, enjoying the flexibility of a profession that is rewarding and can be practiced virtually anywhere in the country.

Increasingly, there are also opportunities in the digital space, with more and more businesses relying on e-commerce, social media, and other new sales channels.

Salespeople can also specialize based on interest (so someone interested in mechanical things may gravitate toward selling watches, while a fashion-conscious individual may focus on designer jewelry).

To take on more responsibilities – and make more money – technical skills are often required, like working with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs, estimating special-order work, changing watch batteries, or getting certified in gemology or appraisals. Many salespeople take pride in their diplomas and the professional respect they bring. Be sure to take advantage of any product knowledge or sales training offered by your employer.

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