Jewelers of America offers certification programs for jewelers to demonstrate and show-off their skills. A JA Certification can advance your jewelry career, differentiate your store and enhance your reputation with fine jewelry customers by increasing credibility. Each certification validates jewelry knowledge and proficiency to national standards.

There are three types of JA Professional Certification:
  • Sales Professional Certification
  • Management Professional Certification
  • Bench Professional Certification

Sales Professional Certification 

JA Members only
Level 1: Entry-level jewelry sales personnel with about one year’s experience. JA Members recieve Level 1 at no cost!
Level 2: Moderate to advanced sales skills and knowledge of a jewelry sales professional.

Management Professional Certification

JA Members only
Level 1:  Entry-level jewelry management personnel with about one year’s experience; reflective of what is commonly needed to manage stores in a multi-unit operation.
Level 2:  Managers of independently owned stores, who must address concerns such as financing, advertising and pricing. Completion of Management Professional Certification Level 1  is required. Jewelers of America Members can register for Sales and Management Certification here.
Learn more about becoming a JA Member here.

Bench Professional Certification

New in 2023!
The JA Bench Professional Certification Program establishes national standards and administers tests to rate the talents and proficiency of bench jewelers at three levels:
  • JA Certified Beginner Bench Jeweler
  • JA Certified Bench Jeweler 
  • JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler
Learn more about Bench Professional Certification

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