When looking at chains, there are many different link styles available. You’ll see them mainly in necklaces and bracelets, but you’ll also see chains in anklets, earrings and sometimes even rings. Find the chain link that suits your style or combine different chains for a layered look.

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Box chains have squared links that give a boxy appearance. Thin versions of box chains are perfect for pairing with pendants. Box chains are usually simple for an experienced jeweler to repair.


One of the most popular open link chains, the cable link is made from connected round or oval links. This chain is perfect on its own or makes a great foundation for charm bracelets. Cable link chains can be difficult to repair.


A cuban chain features oval-shaped links that are tightly-packed together. Cubans tend to be weighty chains and are perfect for a bold statement. Because of their thickness, cuban chains are durable for every day wear and repairable, but the time and cost of repairs depends on the link size.


A curb chain has circular links that interlock and lie flat and close together, similar to cuban chains but not as dense. Curb chains can come in a variety of widths and their links are uniform in size. Curb chains are some of the most durable chains and relatively simple to repair by an experienced jeweler.


Figaro chains, which originated in Italy, follow a specific pattern of one elongated oval link followed by two or three smaller circular links. The links tend to be flattened so they sit flush when worn. Their interlocking links closely mimic curb chains, so they tend to be simple repair jobs for jewelers.


The herringbone chain mimics the herringbone pattern, with individual links overlapping each other in an intricate manner. Herringbones are generally very thin and combined with their structure, it contributes to their tendency to twist and kink. This chain is challenging to repair and should be handled with extra care.



Paperlink chains are made up of interlocking elongated links, giving an appearance of looped paperclips. The links can vary in thickness and length, but the looseness makes them perfect for layering or adding charms. Paperclips chain repair can vary depending on the delicateness of the links, but more often than not they can relatively easy to fix.


Rope chains are made from strands of gold that intertwine to resemble a rope. These chains vary by thickness and tightness of braid (or weave) which affects the price. When comparing different rope chains, look at whether the chain has a tighter or looser braid – generally the tighter the braid, the more metal is used resulting in higher price. Rope chains can be difficult to repair, especially hollow ones.


Snake chains get their name from the snakeskin-like texture that results from the chain rings fitting tightly together to form a flexible tube. Snake chains are usually thin and delicate and ideal for pendants.

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