Traditional advertising remains an important part of messaging and brand building for the jewelry industry, but without innovative digital marketing to boost those efforts, messages could have the same fate as those trees that fall in the forest when no one is around: nobody hears them. Jewelry companies recognize that in our 24/7 omni-channel world, customers and potential customers are always a click/text/post away.

Those in marketing work to create innovative, exciting, relevant, and high-quality content that emphasizes a brand’s message and keeps it top-of-mind among customers. That can mean longer term campaigns or up-to-the-minute ones that hit in real time, like an Instagram post. The digital evolution is in lockstep with customization and the consumer desire to get the right message, for the right product, in the right way, at the right time. Jewelry marketing experts are tasked with achieving this.

On the Job

Marketers are the brand stewards at jewelry companies. A typical day may involve brainstorming ideas for a new campaign, creating content for websites, social media, and other marketing channels, overseeing social media messaging, connecting with influencers, and measuring the success of various efforts. Staying current with marketing trends and research is critical to ensure your company is not only hitting targets but reaching the right ones.

Creative Directors, marketing professionals and social media influencers share their personal journeys and capture the eyes of jewelry lovers around the world. With images of phenomenal jewelry and gemstones, celebrities boasting their jewels, catchy quotes, and creative content featuring their travels and trends from around the globe. Career opportunities range from working independently, within a family business or working for a multinational corporation.

Their works can be found on the cover of magazines, jewelry catalogs, webpages and in authentication reports. Some professionals have gone on to produce their own books and be featured in notable museums and art galleries.

Growing in the Industry

Jewelry marketing offers a pathway to various careers in the industry – whether it’s advancing within the marketing department of a retail or manufacturing company, moving into other areas of interest like sales, or becoming a marketing consultant or influencer, there are a wide range of opportunities.

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