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Trends to Watch for 2023

The common theme for 2023 is boldness: colors, shapes and styling will be unapologetically loud. After a trying two years and “comfortable” fashions for home, glitz, glamour and color will take over.

Shades of green will dominate fashion. Early shows displayed an increase of emeralds and greens were incorporated into collections. Emerald greens or neons like peridots will pop up over the summer/fall.

The spirit symbol for the year will be the rainbow, inspiring hope and optimism. A sign of all good things – surviving a storm, inclusivity, and second chances – rainbow-themed jewelry will rise in popularity.

Bold Gold
Yellow gold fashion jewelry is here to stay. Bold gold chains, large hoop earrings and wide gold band rings are just three of the gold styles to seek out in 2022.

Be Dazzling
Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds…diamond jewelry will be the glitz that is needed to add a sparkle back to our wardrobes.

Powerful Pendants
Step aside dainty pendants, there is a bold pendant trend on the way. With pants suits and deep v shaped tops making noise at New York’s Fashion Week, powerful pendants will have the perfect place to shine.

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