Whether you are creative, technical-minded, like working with your hands, or have a passion for beautiful objects, the gem and jewelry industry is the place to build your career. Like the gems, diamonds, and precious metals that are at the heart of this work, the opportunities within the gem and jewelry industry are boundless, fueled by the limitless potential of imagination, passion, and the essential professional skills required for success.

Careers in gems and jewelry enable professionals to work with some of the earth’s rarest and most valuable natural resources, have a hand in creating or selling beautiful objects, and help bring joy to others as they celebrate life’s important milestones.

jewelry career pathways

Jewelry Career Pathways

The jewelry industry has a myriad of career options for different interests and skills. Learn more about career pathways.
Jewelry Schools Directory

Jewelry Schools Directory

View our growing list of schools, colleges and universities that offer jewelry-related courses. Search the Schools Directory.
Job Board

Job Board

See current job postings for different industry positions like sales associates, bench jewelers, management and more. View the Job Board.

About the Careers Guide

This third edition of Jewelers of America’s Guide to Careers in the Jewelry Industry offers a broad overview of jewelry careers. Among the highlights:
  • A fresh look at 12 career pathways across the supply chain. These cover everything from the beginning sales position to the entrepreneur starting a jewelry business. Use the guide to get a snapshot of the day-to-day activities of these pathways and the skills and training you’ll need to succeed.
  • New “Skills Spotlights” that look at how some “non-jewelry” skills – like being fluent in technology or finances – have become essential to jewelry businesses and in some case opened up new career opportunities.
  • Updated Salary Data: The Guide will provide data from a recently-conducted Jewelry Industry Salary Study that asked jewelers to share information on compensation and benefits across the many jobs the industry offers.
  • Profiles and input from jewelry professionals who share how they got started and how the industry has shaped their careers and personal lives.

Thank You to Our Supporters

The updates to this guide would not be possible without generous support from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the JCK Industry Fund. GIA’s Career Services Department has been instrumental in sharing insight and expertise that have informed and improved this guide.

About GIA
Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. A public benefit, nonprofit institute, GIA is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry. Respected throughout the industry and around the world, the Gemological Institute of America® offers a wide variety of diplomas and certificates that provide the knowledge, skills, and credentials to help get the best start on a rewarding career in Gems and Jewelry. A GIA education can provide the knowledge, hands-on skills and professional network that will help you succeed in whatever path you choose in this exciting industry.

About GIA Career Services
GIA offers much more than academic growth. As a GIA student or graduate, you enjoy a professional affiliation with GIA. GIA Career Services is committed to providing you not only with a strong business foundation, but also with a complete support system you can rely on throughout your career. With its prestige and global reach, GIA Career Services offers career guidance and assistance to help advance your career and open new pathways to success.

About the JCK Industry Fund
The mission of the JCK Industry Fund is to support the jewelry industry’s long-term success and growth by providing grant funding to impactful organizations with the vision and programming to drive sustainable improvements across the industry.

Since 1997, the fund has awarded over $7 million toward program grants to support the health and success of the jewelry industry at large. In 2022, the JCK Industry Fund’s donations exceeded benchmarks from the past five years, totaled nearly $300,000. Eleven worthy organizations with missions including security, DEI, a sustainable industry workforce, environmental protection and product quality secured grants. The JCK Industry Fund’s Advisory Committee is made up of passionate, senior leaders from JCK and various categories within the industry.

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