Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit or aspire to lead, innovate, or impact your community the jewelry industry provides vast opportunities. In fact, a steady influx of new businesses opens annually. Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), which tracks openings and closings, reported more than 500 new jewelry businesses launched in North America during 2022, an increase of 33 percent over the prior year.

Entrepreneurs who enter the jewelry industry may focus on areas they see as underserved or offer fresh perspectives on the business. Some may follow the management pathway, rising through the ranks within jewelry businesses to eventually branch out on their own; others look to attain an executive-level position within a jewelry company. Experience in jewelry sales or management is a plus, however the industry welcomes those with great ideas – and a love of jewelry. The industry is always evolving, and there are plenty of opportunities for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to find their place.

On the Job

Jewelry entrepreneurs and executives should expect to wear all hats, from managing operations, marketing and finances to building and representing the brand. Success also means recognizing how to effectively delegate. Whether a store owner or top executive, knowing how to lead and bring out the best in your team is essential.

Successful jewelry entrepreneurs and executives thrive when overcoming challenges that require creative thinking, such as providing leadership, setting and achieving goals, and creating a customer experience that sets their store or business apart from its competition.

Growing in the Industry

Jewelry entrepreneurs and those striving to achieve leadership roles must earn their success with time, dedication, and persistence. Those professionals who can leverage their ideas, work hard, lead, and continuously innovate are likely to achieve their goals. Joining industry associations and groups, participating in industry events, taking advantage of education and networking opportunities, and building relationships are all key components to success.

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