September 12, 2017
As the seasons change, so too do our wardrobes. Jewelers of America's spokesperson Amanda Gizzi showcased the top fall fashion trends on TV morning shows across the country in preparation for the start of fall. See our gallery of stunning pieces that were shown nation-wide during her fall fashion TV segments!

Every September, Fashion Week takes place in New York and other cities around the globe and inspires new fashion trends. Like fashion, new jewelry trends emerge that have the incredible ability to instantly update your look. For fall, look to a warm color palate that channels red, brown and orange hues. Black remains a go-to color that provides a bold backdrop to diamonds and gemstones, so turn to blackened metals or mix blackened silver with yellow gold for a two-tone look. 

Snakes are one of the oldest motifs used in jewelry, and are now more popular than ever. Some believe wearing snake jewelry can provide protection, ward of evil, increase fertility and others. They also happen to be great conversation pieces.

Fine jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there is something for every budget at your local jeweler. Use our Find a JA Jeweler directory to search for a Jewelers of America member nearest you. With one trip to your local jewelry store, you can browse options, get educated and shop with confidence
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