December 11, 2017
We hear you! Health insurance costs are a huge concern for jewelers. Health Insurance is one of our members’ biggest requests too.

An Executive Order by the U.S. Administration could clear the way for trade associations like JA to offer health insurance to our members. The executive order, signed in October, loosens restrictions related to offering insurance to individuals across state lines – this has been the primary obstacle for JA to offer a comprehensive health insurance alternative to our members. At this point, Jewelers of America and all associations are waiting for the Department of Labor to finalize the proposed regulations.

In the meantime, we are working tirelessly with our attorneys, insurance providers, and legislative team to be ready when the regulations are finalized. We are also working on another viable option that will provide our members access to better health insurance rates.

The executive order and the number of companies our membership represents, will position Jewelers of America to negotiate lower premiums for small business owners. Our job at Jewelers of America is to represent you – the jeweler – and band together to use our numbers to drive change and create better opportunities.

To help unify the effort, we have created a quick form that will enable us to stay connected with all interested parties and provide updates as soon as they arise.
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