May 20, 2019
Gina Ferranti GiGi Ferranti Jewelry
To know Jewelers of America, you need to know the people behind JA Member companies -- your trusted local jewelers and designers who uphold the highest business standards in the jewelry industry. Today, we spotlight Gina Ferranti of GiGi Ferranti Jewelry in New York City. Let’s get to know Gina a little better.

I am Gina Ferranti. I am Jewelers of America. #IamJA #WeAreJA

GiGi Ferranti Jewelry was founded in: 2015

I am a proud JA Member because... JA is a company that supports its members, gives up to date information on industry news, and is a bridge between consumers and the industry.

My favorite part of my career is: Being able to create and work with diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. Meeting so many talented people in the industry.

My favorite work memory: The Launch of our line in the Mad Museum holiday party!

What accreditations do you hold: Graduate Gemologist Degree 2 time award winning designer MJSA, AGTA

My favorite personal piece of jewelry or timepiece: I have so many!! I would have to say its my newest Cleopatra ring that won the AGTA Gem Diva award.

One word that describes me is: Chic

Morning person or night owl? Night owl.

My guilty pleasure: Baskin Robbins Nutty Coconut ice cream

My #1 bucket list vacation destination: India

Diamonds or gemstones? Diamonds

My most used emoji is emoji kiss 50x50

The most embarrassing fashion trend I used to rock: Workout fashion - A thong leotard

If I have to sing karaoke, I would pick: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Want to see more from Gina? Check out her jewelry designs here.

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