January 22, 2019
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To know Jewelers of America, you need to know the people behind JA Member companies -- your trusted local jewelers and designers who uphold the highest business standards in the jewelry industry. Today, we spotlight Bill Longnecker, owner of Longnecker Jewelry in McCook, Nebraska, which has been a member of Jewelers of America for 22 years! Let’s get to know Bill a little better!

I am Bill Longnecker. I am Jewelers of America. #IamJA #WeAreJA

Longnecker Jewelry was founded in: 1996

I am a proud JA Member because I feel they represent our industry the best. They have the best programs and benefits for my company.

My favorite part of my career is: The people! I love how we become part of the family gifting experience, we share in their most intimate occasions.

My favorite work memory was: I wrote a book about all the best memories "The Jewelry Chronicles" by Bill Longnecker!

Accreditations and certifications I hold: GIA, gems and diamonds. JA Certified Jewelry Manager

My favorite personal piece of jewelry or timepiece: I hand made an engraved diamond and sapphire cross for a customer. It was a huge undertaking and is my keystone piece.

One word that describes me is: Complicated.

Morning person or night owl? Both, I get under 7 hours sleep a day.

My guilty pleasure: Wine and books.

My #1 bucket list vacation destination: Ride a motorcycle across New Zealand!

Diamonds or gemstones? Both.

The most embarrassing fashion trend I used to rock: Mullet 

If I have to sing karaoke, I would pick: Walking in Memphis, by Marc Cohn

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