March 22, 2016
Each year, Jewelers of America holds a design competition, the CASE Awards, to spotlight and honor the custom design craftsmanship found in the jewelry stores of Jewelers of America members nationwide. The 2016 Award Winners include jewelers from across the nation from New Jersey to California and Indiana to Louisiana.

The winning pieces of the CASE Awards illustrate the award-winning talent in jewelry stores near you. Our competition is unique in that it is the only national design competition that honors independent jewelers and the talented artisans working in local jewelry stores. 

2016 CASE Award Winners

A truly beautiful piece of jewelry combines nature’s most splendid handiwork with the vision and artistic creativity of the jewelry designer and the skill and execution of the fabricating jeweler. Within our members' jewelry stores, you find custom jewelry pieces designed with the highest levels of creativity, artistry, skills and excellence in quality and style. The 2016 CASE Award winners expressed their individuality and craft through the design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The jewelry is judged by a panel of jewelry industry experts on overall design, marketability, wearability and quality of manufacture.

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