March 17, 2016
Just Jules jewelry design
Just Jules is celebrating 25 years in business. The designer behind the brand, Julie Romanenko, turned her childhood love of jewelry into a popular jewelry brand recognized for vintage designs and beautiful engagement rings. Just Jules has been a member of Jewelers of America since 2006, emphasizing Julie's commitment to high ethical practices. We celebrate Just Jules' 25th anniversary with look at how the company got here.

The inspiration behind the designs

Ten years ago, Julie came across some vintage lockets, and her curiosity was piqued. Knowing she may be onto something interesting, possibly even great, she had no idea it would completely change the look of Just Jules. Julie suddenly found herself inspired by all things vintage. Using her husband as a Sherpa, the pair scour antique markets wherever they travel, searching for lockets and — most recently — vintage pins to use as inspiration for rings. The Incarnations locket collection was just the tip of the iceberg!

A childhood romance with jewelry

Julie began her journey as a jewelry designer at the age of 11 by making friendship bracelets out of liquid silver beads. Born in New Jersey, Julie grew up playing dress-up in her grandmother’s pearls. From an early age, she watched her mother and grandmother delight in their jewelry, and instinctively realized the impact a great treasure could bring to any woman. Julie’s maternal family cultivated her passion for art and fine trinkets. To Julie, jewelry has always meant family, a special occasion, a celebration and a moment in history. 

A brand is born in New York

While fantasizing about a life as an artist, Julie studied Literature at the University of Massachusetts. After graduation, Julie worked in the New York Diamond District with award-winning diamond engagement rings. She attended Parsons School of Design at night, and began to design, create, and wear her own custom-made pieces. People would stop and ask where she purchased her fantastic accessories. Julie quickly landed her first major retailer, Barney’s, launching her very sophisticated and unique line, Just Jules.

Just Jules today

Twenty-five years later, and a move across the country to the desert Southwest, Just Jules is still going strong. Having recently launched Just Jules Bridal, the collections have found a new following. The work of Just Jules can now be found in fine jewelry stores across the country and is showcased at the Couture show in Las Vegas and in other major trade shows. Julie is honored and humbled to still be able to do what she loves, with those she loves, fulfilling her dream of being an artist 25 years later.

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