September 27, 2019
Scott King King Jewelers
To know Jewelers of America, you need to know the people behind JA Member companies -- your trusted local jewelers and designers who uphold the highest business standards in the jewelry industry. Today, we spotlight Scott King, owner of King Jewelers, which has been a member of Jewelers of America for over 40 years! King Jewelers operates two locations -- one in Aventura, FL, and another in Nashville, TN. Let’s get to know Scott a little better!

I am Scott King. I am Jewelers of America. #IamJA #WeAreJA

King Jewelers was founded in: 1912

I am proud to be a member of JA because... It's important to get a global perspective of trends in fashion, value of gemstones and diamonds and how brands are performing as a whole. In South Florida we have a large international clientele so we need to know what metals are dominant in all areas of the world so we have the right product and correct product mix across the categories.

My favorite part of my career is: First and foremost, I have the privilege of working with my two sons on a daily basis. Despite being born into this business and having operated my own multi store locations for over 40 years, witnessing the pleasure a piece of jewelry brings to our clients and the smiles and love jewelry can evoke never gets old. Our business has also led to some of my greatest friendships. We are a generational business and to deal with 2nd and 3rd generation of a family is with out a doubt so pleasurable and rewarding.

My favorite work trip was: I've loved them all. From Basel, to Geneva, N. Y. , Las Vegas, Vincenza and Hong Kong. When I first got started in our business I use to travel to Belgium and purchase diamonds not only for our store but for some of the largest dealers in the States. They all have a special moment and memory.

Accreditations and certifications I hold: BA in Biology, GIA Graduate Class of 72', ASA, AAA

My favorite personal piece of jewelry or timepiece: Mostly self purchases/gifting myself for my hard work. I find the most pleasure in gifting my loved ones and have curated an impressive collection of signed pieces from the finest houses in the world; Webb, Cartier, Tiffany & Boucheron,: Some of my watches include a Cartier Pasha Perpetual with a JLC mvt, Corum Bridge watch which is #00, intended for their museum, #7/28 special burnt Orange dial Roger Dubuis Much More Perpetual Calendar,IWC Portugese Perpetual Calendar , Breguet Tradition and Marine Chronograph, Armin Strom's Mirrored Force Resonance, GP skeleton Leureato.....etc etc

One word that describes me is: Charismatic

Morning person or night owl? Night owl

My guilty pleasure: Fine watchmaking

My #1 bucket list vacation destination: Luckily, I have had the opportunity to travel the world for both business and pleasure. Yet, my true bucket list involves an extended stay in Tuscany for at least 6 months during the truffle season and harvest of the grapes.

Diamonds or gemstones? Diamonds

My most used emoji is  emoji heart 50x50 

The most embarrassing fashion trend I used to rock: Looking back, purple bell bottoms

If I have to sing karaoke, I would pick: "When a Man Loves a Woman"

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