January 10, 2022
Smiling Rocks
New York City: Smiling Rocks launches its latest collection for the charismatic gentlemen - Men’s Engagement Solitaire Rings collection studded in lab grown diamonds. It is available in 6 different rings designs with round and fancy diamonds.
Smiling Rocks Mens Engagement Solitaire Rings

Smiling Rock’s first Men’s engagement ring campaign is all about the connection a man has with its jewelry, the magnetic aura presented with the simple and classic rings on them. Featuring 6 different rings, Asscher Ring, Slim Emerald Ring, Sparkle Ring, Octagon Ring, Square Ring and Dome Ring, all these are available from 1ct to 3ct center stones.

It’s time for men to enjoy the luxury of owning a solitaire ring with bold and masculine design, perfect for engagement rings or an everyday solitaire ring. These rings are set in 14K gold, 18K or platinum, a perfect affordable luxury with the best value.

“We are very excited to be the only lab grown diamond brand that has launched this collection for all the men. Men’s rings have always been under-explored by the design world, as seen usually the options are plain metal bands. Smiling Rocks has taken a strong step to vision this line using bold diamond sizes with the right designs and shapes that fits a men’s taste and personality. This launch is a new trend we are setting in the industry to introduce a Men’s line with all our retail partners, explains Zulu Ghevriya, CEO and Co-founder of Smiling Rocks”.

Smiling Rocks Mens Ring collection diamonds

This collection is launched throughout the Nation and Worldwide with Smiling Rocks retail partners. Each of the Smiling Rocks diamonds are laser inscribed with the brand’s logo as an identity mark and transparency of the lab grown diamond origin.

About Smiling Rocks
Smiling Rocks is a lab grown diamond jewelry brand aiming to build a chain of smile through sustainable luxury. It works on a philanthropic business model, with each jewelry purchased, Smiling Rocks donates 3% of the jewelry and 1% of loose diamonds from the B2B business to different charity sectors.
Smiling Rocks Inc
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