Health care coverage that offers immediate savings & simple enrollment.
It’s possible through Jewelers of America’s partnership with, a division of MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group.

Jewelers of America Retail and Supplier Member companies have access to affordable health care plans for as few as two individuals via Through the collective purchasing power of our membership, reduces health care premiums, while maintaining flexibility in plan design and provider. 

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With health care management becoming increasingly expensive and complex to navigate, MJM Global launched to help the jewelry industry see significant savings on one of their largest business expenses. Visit today to explore your company’s options, enrollees experience an average of 8-12% savings with all plans at or lower than Affordable Care Act (ACA) open market.

At JA Member Companies Can

  • Access more health care coverage solutions for as few as two individuals, including Level-Funded plans that can refund up to 50% of unused premium dollars (if your state allows and if you qualify).
  • Get reduced health care costs for your business, employees and families, including lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • See transparent pricing and the true cost of health care
  • Access flexible benefits and wellness solutions
  • Simplify the process of enrolling in health care for both the employer and employee

How to Get Started

  • Go to
  • Complete the simple form to explore the options available to you and your employees
  • To complete the form, you’ll need:
    • Your Company Contact information
    • An idea of what you want the company to contribute to employee healthcare (either a dollar or percentage amount)
    • Your employees’:
Date of Birth
Tobacco usage

About MJM Global

MJM Global is a provider of reliable insurance for all types of commercial and personal risk to the jewelry industry. MJM Global serves the insurance needs of more than 3,000 businesses, professionals and households throughout the United States and abroad and is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA).
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