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In 1956, a stylish Mid-century Modern house on Graymoor Lane in Olympia Fields, IL became the beloved home to generations of strong Midwestern women. Sixty years later, the house and all it embodies would inspire a daughter and granddaughter to turn elegant, Mid-century designs into an exquisitely-crafted jewelry collection for the twenty-first century.

Graymoor Lane Designs is a tribute to family, to good design, and to modern women everywhere who love classic lines and easy grace.

Mid-Century Modern design has always been in style. From architecture and art to furniture and fashion, the simple, organic lines appeal to just about everyone and fit a full range of spaces, needs, and styles. Graymoor Lane Designs is proud to transform Mid-Century elegance into inspired fine jewelry collections. Their bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings channel many of the original, modern aesthetics. They design timeless pieces with twenty-first century flair.

The women of Graymoor Lane are honored to share a part of their family with you through our timeless designs, our Mid-century style, and our Midwestern grace.

Welcome home to Graymoor Lane.

Graymoor Lane Designs is a proud Supplier Member of Jewelers of America. JA Supplier Members include the finest jewelry design firms, jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers among other jewelry businesses. All commit to JA's Code of Professional Practices, so you can have confidence in their product's quality and source.


  • Colored Gemstone Jewelry
  • Diamond Jewelry - Non-Bridal
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Men's Jewelry/Accessories
  • Misc. Finished Jewelry
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry

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