January 19, 2016
One of the biggest gemstone shopping weeks takes place the first week of February in Tucson, AZ. Jewelers of America's trend experts selected the five hottest gemstone choices, based on the 2016 Pantone color palette. Use this guide to get the best at the Tucson Gem Shows. 


Rose Quartz

For the first time ever, Pantone chose two shades as the Color of the Year -- Rose Quartz and Serenity. The blushing pink hue of Rose Quartz has a romantic feel. Sharing its name with the pink gemstone, it's clear that Rose Quartz will be huge during the Tucson Gem Shows. Other light pink hued stones, like morganite, are sure to be a hit.


Blue Chalcedony

Serenity, a soft blue hue, has also earned Pantone's top spot for 2016. This blue shade has a reflective feel, and mirrors the calm skies above us. Blue chalcedony gemstones share this blue shade and will be bigger than ever in Tucson and jewelry designer collections. 

Ruby Gems

Pantone's bold red color, Fiesta, acts as a great contrast to the soft hues of Rose Quartz and Serenity. Fiery gemstones can liven up your jewelry showcase for bold impact. Rubellite and ruby gemstones in this free-spirited shade will catch the eyes of jewelry customers.



We saw seas of blue and green everywhere at last year's Tucson Gem Shows, so Pantone's color pick of Green Flash came as no surprise. Look for bright green peridot to evolve into more than August's birthstone and turn into a customer favorite.



Pantone's shade of Snorkel Blue is reminiscent of the blue/purple gemstone, tanzanite, so be on the look out for it and other navy-hued gemstones like blue sapphire. Tanzanite has been in the gemstone spotlight in recent years. With its rare qualities and affordable price, tanzanite continues to be a major player at the Tucson Gem Shows. 

Now you know the gem colors that will be popular for consumers in 2016-- in fashion, accessories and home. Use this gemstone color guide to navigate the bright rainbow hues when you step foot on the show floor and select gemstones that are on trend and in style. Browse more jewelry product for inspiration in JA's Supplier Showcase, a gallery of JA Supplier Member product.

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