September 10, 2015
Pantone, the worldwide color authority, recently announced their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016. Designed to coincide with the start of New York Fashion Week, Pantone bi-annually highlights the ten shades that will be prominent in next season's fashion, beauty and interior design worlds.

This season's color palette was inspired by people's desire to unwind and disconnect from technology every once in a while. The calming colors make for a serene setting, while the brighter and more vivid tones encourage curiosity and exploration. "Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation."

This unisex palette falls into the color trends we've recently been seeing in the gemstone world. During the Arizona Gem and Jewelry Show in February, we noticed a variety of red and pink gemstones as well as seas of blues and greens. Interestingly enough, seven of the ten colors in this Spring 2016 Color Report fall within these two categories, reinforcing the importance of these gemstone hues. Peach Echo, Fiesta and Rose Quartz(gemstone alert!) have us feeling red hot and tickled pink. The relaxing tones of Serenity, Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shellhave us dreaming of sitting by the sea. Green Flash and Buttercup provide a vivid pop of color, peaking our curiosity. No palette is complete without your go-to neutrals -- Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee are the finishing touches on this refreshing color report.

When selecting pieces to stock your showcases in the coming months, keep these bright gemstone colors in mind. Sapphires and turquoise will be hotter than ever with the introduction of the blue hues like Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shell. Rubies and peridot won't be reserved just for the July and August birthstones with the focus on Fiesta and Green Flash. And of course, the color Rose Quartz will bring its namesake gemstone into the spotlight! Take a look at Jewelry Information Center's  Gemstone by Color page to view the color wheel of rainbow gemstones. This season's unique take on the color palette will be interesting to watch as it takes shape in the fashion and jewelry world in Spring 2016.
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