December 9, 2016
Jewelers of America Members benefit from the marketing campaigns to both consumer and trade audiences by JA’s skilled PR and marketing professionals. In 2016, we bested goals (nearly 10,000 consumer media placements!) and showcased JA Members to more people than ever before. Here are highlights of how we promoted JA Members in 2016.

Online Exposure

Jewelers of America’s consumer reach is growing exponentially each year. That means more exposure for JA Member companies on the Internet. Click on the photos to see how.

Media Placements

Our Public Relations department worked overtime this year and garnered high-quality and high-traffic media exposure for our Retail and Supplier Members. In 2016, Jewelers of America procured 9,999 consumer media placements (including the New York TimesBridesForbes) and 498 B2B media placements (including INSTORE, JCK and National Jeweler). Check our "As Seen On" section for updates on Jewelers of America's latest media placements.

JA Supplier Member product and our JA Member jewelry stores were featured on:
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