October 12, 2016
ammolite jewelry prize

After the success of our "Spectacular Spinel" consumer marketing campaign in August, which reached more than 100,000 consumers, Jewelers of America launches another gemstone-focused consumer campaign on November 14th, the "Amazing Ammolite Jewelry Sweepstakes." As always, we'll educate consumers on shopping at jewelry stores that are members of Jewelers of America. There are several ways that jewelry retailers can capitalize on these promotions, here's a quick summary of the marketing plan.

Why Ammolite

The sweepstakes is timed with the introduction to the U.S. market of the Ammolite by KORITE Jewelry Collection. KORITE -- a JA Supplier Member -- is the largest producer of the world's finest ammolite sourced in Alberta, Canada. As sponsors of the sweepstakes, they are giving away three ammolite jewelry sets as the prizes (pictured above). Ammolite is celebrated globally for its naturally captivating rainbow colors and layers of vibrant iridescence. Learn more about the ammolite gemstone here.

Ammolite Jewelry Sweepstakes

The "Amazing Ammolite Jewelry Sweepstakes" will run from November 14 to December 2, 2016. Consumers will enter at www.jewelers.org for the chance to win several ammolite jewelry sets, generously donated by KORITE. The sweepstakes will garner consumer engagement and provide shareable content for our members.

JA Website & Social Media

In November, we'll showcase ammolite on our website and our social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. We encourage Jewelers of America Members to share JA web content and social media posts on your own social & digital accounts. We're creating free marketing collateral for you to promote the sweepstakes to your customers in email or on your website and social media accounts.

Ad Campaign

In November, we'll go beyond Jewelers of America's web platforms to promote the Sweepstakes with a Facebook Ad campaign. We'll also distribute an email campaign promoting ammolite and the importance of shopping at JA Member jewelers to more than 100,000 consumers throughout the U.S.

KORITE Holiday Bundle Offer

You can be one of the first to stock ammolite jewelry. To celebrate its U.S. launch, KORITE is offering two 2016 Limited Edition Holiday Bundles to JA Members. Take advantage and receive ammolite jewelry in time for the sweepstakes promotion. The well-priced product bundles offer select ammolite jewelry that retail between $200 and $1,700 to help your customers bring out their true colors. Click here for details.

What You Can Do to Prepare & Gain Marketing Exposure

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