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To answer the call from the industry, Jewelers of America spent several years developing funding and campaign research to launch a generic jewelry advertising campaign, in the mold of the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign. The results of these efforts are now in a test campaign phase. This campaign, "Another Piece of Your Story," is intended to benefit the entire jewelry industry by branding and promoting the unique and emotional aspects of jewelry purchase and ownership versus other disposable income purchases. 

Get all the details below on where to find the campaign, how to gain exposure and perks for JA Members.

Campaign & Audience

Advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt developed the campaign theme, “Another Piece of Your Story,” to reach 20- to 30-something self-purchasers. Initial funding allows for a pilot campaign to run in the Los Angeles area September 23 through November 3, 2019. The campaign will be hyper-targeted, digital advertising campaign, to be run primarily on social media. Social media ads and buzzy influencer marketing will drive consumers to the campaign's home at starting September 23. From there, they'll be encouraged to find JA Member jewelers. 

The test campaign will provide data on how to effectively run a campaign nationwide. Jewelers of America and our Industry Pioneers are seeking other industry leaders to support the creation and execution of a in a test market. Our goal is to show a true return on investment, through such measures as pre- and post-campaign awareness and perception of jewelry, traffic to a website hosting the campaign’s story, press coverage, jewelry influencer coverage, and more. It is our hope to then expand the campaign nationally, with a percent-of-revenue voluntary contribution model for the entire industry.

How To Follow & Engage

  • FOLLOW fashion and lifestyle influencers promoting the campaign on Instagram to see how fine jewelry is another piece of their story. You can find them at
  • FOLLOW our Social Media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to see and share the campaign posts.
  • UPDATE JA Members are featured on the's Jeweler directory. To make sure your JA Company Profile page is up to date.
    • Search your company at
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a company description, company logo, store photo and any website or social media accounts to make your profile complete.

Become an Industry Pioneer

To raise funding for a test campaign, JA has established a “Pioneer Program” for those companies wishing to contribute in four sponsorship categories and receive enhanced recognition via several channels including trade press and events:
Founders: $50,000 | Principals: $25,000 | Sponsors: $10,000 | Supporters: $5,000

Our Industry Pioneers

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