*Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, JA New York has cancelled their Fall show. Their next show will take place August 8-10, 2021.

Only one leading jewelry trade show calls the jewelry capital of the world, New York City, home: JA New York. The JA New York Show takes place each summer, fall and winter and brings the jewelry industry together on the East Coast for three focused days of buying, trend spotting and networking. As the former owner of the JA New York Show, Jewelers of America has a special partnership with the jewelry trade show, producing its education program and partnering on special events.

Free Education for Jewelry Professionals

The JA New York Show is also a destination for jewelers to catch up on industry education, business tips and trade insights during the JA Education Program, produced by Jewelers of America. The seminars, free to JA New York Show attendees, cover relevant jewelry business topics including profit strategies, selling techniques, jewelry marketing, product knowledge, legal issues, e-commerce and more. Participants leave with a clearer understanding of the present state of the jewelry industry and how to grow their businesses and careers.

For complete information on the JA New York shows, visit the official JA New York website, www.ja-newyork.com.
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