April 21, 2016
For the past seven years, silver has consistently lead all other jewelry categories in delivering margin, driving sales and providing opportunity for future growth, according to a recent retail survey. Once again, The Silver Institute/Silver Promotion Service partnered with National Jeweler and Jewelers of America to field a market research study of jewelry retailers in the United States. The results of the 2015 survey show that silver continues to be an increasingly important category for jewelry retailers.
March 17, 2016
Trade shows can be exhilarating, but it’s not just jewelers and jewelry lovers that get excited. Criminals mark their calendars for these action-packed events too.

With such vast quantities of high-value merchandise all in one place, criminals are naturally drawn to what could potentially be the heist of their careers. Thankfully, most trade shows are highly secured within their exhibition space. The risk of your safety being compromised may be relatively low during the show, but it’s much higher before and after.
January 18, 2016
criminal-computerAs a jewelry business, security is of utmost important to protecting your inventory and staff. One important security step is to put procedures in place to recognize casing behaviors of criminals at your business and practicing them often. In today's digital world, you must consider the fact that criminals can now case by surfing the web. 
September 16, 2015

We got to sit in on a seminar for Etsy sellers presented by designer and social media maven Molly Clarke, of The Ring Liaison and Rock That Gem, and learned some secret -- and simple -- tricks of Instagram to set your brand apart. As Molly pointed out, Instagram is a positive community focused on creating and sharing with others, so don't be shy get started building your brand presence. Here are 7 tips for succeeding with Instagram:

September 1, 2015
We share how to tell your brand's story and reach millennial customers. During the presentation "Understanding the Millennial Culture," Ben Smithee, a digital marketing expert who specializes in the millennial consumer, kept coming back to the importance of "the story" to younger consumers. "You need a story," he addressed the packed room of jewelry professionals. "That's why Pandora won. It's not a magical product, it lets people tell their story."
August 31, 2015

"The way you tell an industry needs disruption is everything looks the same. The truth is: how much difference is there from one jewelry store to the next?" Sobering words from Ben Smithee, a digital marketing expert, during his keynote presentation at the JA New York Show on Monday, July 28.

August 10, 2015
Here is our quick guide to the social media strategies for Facebook that jewelers should use to grow followers. It’s no longer a question of if your jewelry business needs an online presence, the question for many jewelers, jewelry designers and jewelry marketing professionals is: how? For those of you starting out promoting your jewelry brand on Facebook or wanting to take your social engagement to the next level, read on for Facebook marketing tips from WR Cobb Online, a jewelry industry leader in web development and marketing.
August 10, 2015
Use the following strategies to close more jewelry sales through customer financing. Getting jewelry customers to finance their purchases can be difficult. Either they don’t fully understand the many advantages of the luxury financing programs or don’t have a clear understanding of their various payment options. 
August 10, 2015
Use our tips for jewelry professionals on how to explain repair services and increase repair sales. Research shows that a large percentage of jewelry customers actively seek out a new jewelry store because they are in need of some type of jewelry repair service. Additionally, customer loyalty and overall satisfaction is based in part on a store’s ability to offer a complete range of services including jewelry repair. 
August 10, 2015
How do your jewelry customers begin any major purchase? As much as you'd like it to start with a visit to your store, the web is the most popular starting-point for consumer shopping today. It's important to ensure that current and prospective customers can find your jewelry store on search engines, like Google and Bing, and social media networks like Facebook. 

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