April 16, 2018
Today’s consumers are extremely socially conscious, looking not just to make a purchase, but also to make a difference when they do buy. Research shows over 80% of millennial consumers believe it’s important for companies to publicize their social responsibility efforts, and they will go looking for that information online.

For these young purchasers -- especially those looking for a diamond engagement ring or who are likely to buy diamond jewelry -- exposure to this information creates a positive perception of the industry, and an increased interest in purchasing diamonds. However, most consumers are unaware of the vast amount of good the diamond industry does. Many still have outdated but highly negative perceptions stuck in their minds, making them a receptive audience for the nascent synthetic diamond industry.

The Diamonds Do Good initiative is working to change all that, aiming to help tell the positive stories of the natural diamond industry through digital media and its growing web platform. Partnering with jewelers across the country, the initiative works to tell your own “Do Good” stories, curating them into engaging content that is then pushed out to consumers through digital media. After exposure to Diamonds Do Good stories like this one, about how jewelers across America are supporting Jewelers for Children, all respondents learned something new, 95% of respondents developed a favorable opinion of industry, and 75% of Facebook fan respondents said they are more likely to purchase a diamond.

Now a symbol of confidence to consumers worldwide, the Diamonds Do Good message has received over 264 million consumer impressions in 2017 alone. Adding the Diamonds Do Good seal to your website and storefront is just one of the many ways to embrace the Diamonds Do Good message. The Diamonds Do Good Toolkit, developed by D.E.F with the help of board member Kathy Corey to help tell your “Do Good” story, is a free resource providing various ways to share the industry’s – and your -- social impact efforts. From an easy to use article template that D.E.F will help customize, to a monthly social media calendar with posts for Facebook and Instagram, the Diamonds Do Good Toolkit will help augment your existing outreach and make your consumers aware of the good behind diamonds.

To request a free Diamonds Do Good Seal for your storefront or learn more about the Diamonds Do Good Initiative, please contact Diamond Empowerment Fund Executive Director Nancy Orem Lyman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 212.359.4219.
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