July 30, 2015
These tips show jewelers how to avoid jewelry store theft during peak holiday sales periods. When your jewelry store experiences big sales rushes -- like the holiday gift season or Valentine's Day -- the increased jewelry inventory, extended business hours, and busy store traffic may lead to increase in theft. In fact, the holiday shopping season is when jewelry robberies, sneak thefts, and grab-and-run thefts are at their highest. Selling jewelry securely is more important than ever at these times, so use this security guide from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to make your jewelry store safer. 

Meet and Greet: By greeting each customer and making immediate eye contact, you will help your legitimate customers feel valued, while making would-be thieves feel uncomfortable, thus abandoning their plans. Additionally, it’s important to keep watching your customers. Don’t turn your back at any time to give them the opportunity to grab an item and run or perform a sneak theft.

One-on-One: Keeping your focus on one customer at a time helps avoid theft by reducing the opportunity. It can be challenging during busy jewelry sales periods with so many customers, but it is important for service and security.

One Item at a Time: Show only one jewelry item to a customer at a time to reduce the risk of grab-and-run thefts. Be especially careful if a customer wants to see only the highest-priced jewelry pieces or seems preoccupied.  

Turn the Key: Make it a habit to lock your jewelry showcases after removing or returning items, and never leave open showcases unattended. Never set down your showcase keys, and consider using wrist holders to avoid costly mistakes.

Safety First: Following security tips can reduce your risk of jewelry robberies, but there is no surefire way to prevent them completely. Instill in your employees that the safety of your customers and staff is the top priority. Instruct employees not to panic, not to resist and to follow the criminal’s orders as quickly as possible.

You can access many more security tips online on JewelersMutual.com’s Safety and Security section. As a Jewelers of America member, you have free access to Jewelers Mutual’s online training course, Selling with Security, at JMUniversity.com. Get your free access code by sending an email with your full name and business name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and mention your affiliation with Jewelers of America. 

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