July 30, 2015
Jewelers Mutual Insurance shows you how to keep yourself and your jewelry product safe when traveling to jewelry trade shows. Trade shows are anticipated events for many in the jewelry industry. They are times to be dazzled by new merchandise and make new connections. It is important to remember as you prepare for these trips that jewelry thieves also eagerly anticipate jewelry trade shows. 

“Every season, we hear from jewelers who face theft and robbery threats while they attend industry tradeshows,” said David Sexton of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. “These events are highly publicized and promoted nationwide, so it creates a draw for criminals. It’s incredibly important to be aware of this very real threat and take reasonable precautions both during the trades how and during your travel to and from the trade show.” 

As you prepare for your next trade show event, keep these security and travel tips in mind: 

Be discreet. Whether it’s small talk at the hotel bar or a quick exchange when you grab your morning cup of coffee, avoid mentioning your business and the tradeshow. You never know who is listening.

Travel light to avoid attention. Plan ahead so you can avoid carrying a briefcase or anything that could be perceived as containing jewelry to and from the show. Criminals are watching for their next target.

Protect your badge. Remove your show badge each time you leave the tradeshow floor. When you leave the show for the final time, either surrender your badge to the show organizers or tear it up so thieves can’t steal your identity and your access to the show floor.

Avoid informal showings. Don’t be tempted to attend informal jewelry shows being conducted outside the safety of the show, like a hotel room. Arrange and conduct all merchandise showing appointments within the security of the tradeshow for your own personal safety.

Check your insurance policy before leaving. If you plan to attend a cash and carry show, check your insurance policy for travel and shipping limits. Jewelers Block policy limits may not be sufficient to cover tradeshow travel or valuable shipments. Call your agent or insurance company to make sure that you are indeed properly and adequately insured.

Be diligent. Always assume you are a target when traveling to and from the show, and while you are there. Make sure you are on high alert, and never let your guard down.

Security Tips for Traveling Jewelers

Plan your travel route: Know where you will be traveling and how you will get there. Your planning should include an alternate route that you can take in the event you are unable to follow your original plan, as well as a destination of safety you may need to go if you suspect you are being followed.

When on the road: Make sure the vehicle you drive is appropriately serviced and maintained and that you keep the gas tank full. Be alert and watch for suspicious vehicles following you. If you sense somebody is following you, call 911 on your cell phone, and proceed immediately to your destination of safety. Whenever you must use public transportation, choose taxis available by dispatch.

When flying: Pre-arrange for a private airport security screening so that you can keep an eye on your merchandise at all times during the security screening process.

Choose the right hotel: Thefts in hotel/motel parking lots remain the sites of many off-premises jewelry crimes. Mitigate the risk of these crimes by choosing a hotel/motel with an inside room entry and with a well-lit and busy parking area. Make sure you enter through the main lobby and avoid staying in a room on the ground floor. Before you settle into your room, conduct an inspection to make sure the room is appropriately secure, and secure your door whenever you are in the room. Absolutely never open your door for unexpected visitors without positive identification, even if they claim to be hotel staff.

Buy and sell with security: Virtually all tradeshow transit losses can be prevented by using a reputable armored courier service experienced in transporting high-value merchandise to and from the show. Whenever leaving your merchandise overnight at the show, utilize the vault or designated security area provided at the show. Avoid taking possession of jewelry at a tradeshow; instead, have the vendor ship the purchase to your business. Make sure you always confirm your coverage in these situations with your insurance agent.  

For more safety tips, visit Jewelers Mutual’s Safety and Security page at JewelersMutual.com, and travel safely and securely this trade show season.  As a Jewelers of America member, you have free access to Jewelers Mutual’s online training course, Selling with Security, at JMUniversity.com. Get your free access code by sending an email with your full name and business name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mention your affiliation with Jewelers of America.

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