December 7, 2016
door buzzer systemWho’s there? A store buzzer system could be your answer for increased security
Robberies caught on surveillance often show criminals rushing into a store without anything stopping them. Some jewelers opt to install a door system for added security. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company explains the differences between two of the most common -- a door buzzer vs mantrap.

Door Buzzer

To improve store security, a door buzzer system acts as a doorbell to your business, where a single door is unlocked after the identity of the person requesting access is verified. When installing or setting up, Jewelers Mutual recommends developing an operating plan for the door buzzer. For example, who is assigned to allow access into the store, and what are the steps to verify who’s at the door?


A mantrap system takes the security a step further from the door buzzer and uses two locked doors -- only permitting one visitor at a time. Once an individual is between the set of doors, the first door is locked on the outside again. As your visitor is identified and granted permission to the inside of the store, the process repeats itself for other visitors waiting outside. When using a mantrap, Jewelers Mutual advises to ensure the mantrap complies with your building’s fire codes.

Jewelers Mutual provides more detail on developing an operating plan and fire code requirements in their article, “Is a Door Buzzer System Right for Your Jewelry Business.”

Securing door access is a great step to increased jewelry store security but it is just one step in what should be your comprehensive store security plan. Browse more “Business Tips” for store security or visit Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s The Clarity Blog.
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