October 12, 2016
home-alone-robbersIt's not just when you're home alone -- or in the store after hours -- that thieves come to call. Be prepared with these tips.
Holiday sales are critical to the success of retail jewelry businesses. Jewelry stores are handling an influx of customers, ready to purchase the perfect gift to put under the tree. With all the excitement of the holidays, the increased sales and increased foot traffic, now is definitely not the time to let your focus on in-store security falter. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company provided three tips to Jewelers of America that will protect your jewelry store from holiday crime.

Jewelers Mutual reminds jewelers that peak shopping season and a store filled with customers won’t deter robbers from attacking your showcases with sledgehammers or threatening you with a gun. Criminals have even targeted high‑traffic locations like shopping malls during past holiday seasons. There’s no reason to think this year will be any different.

Make sure you and your staff are consistently following these best practices to prevent a robbery:

Secure Your Openings & Closings

Have at least two people conduct your opening and closing duties together. In the morning, one associate opens the store and conducts a thorough search of the premises to establish and indicate an all-clear to the others, who should remain outside at a safe distance to notify law enforcement if the first associate encounters any issues. At night, the same procedure should be used.

Identify Casing

Most every crime in the jewelry industry is preceded by some degree of surveillance. Some suspicious behaviors to be aware of include avoiding contact with your sales staff or trying to locate your electronic security features (surveillance and alarm systems). If anything doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts, document the occurrence, then share it with everyone at your business.

Establish a Code Word

< Your associates should have a code word or phrase in place that warns of a suspicious situation. Something as simple as, “Mr. Wilson is coming to pick up his order,” should cue one associate to leave the premises, contact police, and wait for them to arrive.

The holidays are a time of celebration and sharing, and for jewelry stores they are a time to achieve success. Taking these precautions to ensure the security of your jewelry merchandise will make for a merry and bright season and a happy new year. For more safety and security tips, visit The Clarity Blog by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.
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