October 18, 2016
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With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to review, revise and refresh your and your staff’s sales techniques. Let’s face it, you have stocked up with the latest merchandise, increased your advertising, mailed and posted news about your store, but the key to a successful holiday season is a trained professional sales team. These are not new sales concepts, just reminders from the Silver Promotion Service of the key retail selling principles with the added value of the benefits of sterling silver jewelry!

Choose your mindset

Customers will pick up on the energy you give out, so make sure you have positive energy in the store and are genuinely interested in helping customers. 
Sterling tip: Silver offered the best inventory turn according to 45% of respondents.*

Acknowledge every customer

This doesn’t mean that you have to speak to every customer personally if they are already being helped by another salesperson. But rather, make sure you smile, nod or acknowledge through body language the customers who walk into your store. 
Sterling Tip: Silver jewelry sales increased in 2015 according to 60% of the respondents.*

Build rapport with the customer

Establish a mutual feeling of friendliness and make the customer feel comfortable in your store.
Sterling Tip: 78% of silver jewelry purchasers are in the 20-40 age range.*

Ask questions

One of the biggest pitfalls retail salespeople fall into is to take the customer to a case without first understanding their needs. Be sure to ask the customer a series of questions to ensure you are recommending the best items for them.
Sterling Tip: 34 % of silver sales were for gift giving in 2015.*

Talk about the benefits rather than features

Research shows that if you lead with features, you will receive more objections.
Sterling Tip: A benefit of buying silver is that you can affordably add pieces for birthdays and anniversaries.

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Be knowledgeable about your products

Use the quiet time in the store to learn more about your products so that you can sell with confidence.
Sterling Tip: Purchase a copy of JA’s Jewelry 101 for information and sales tips on silver and other metals and log on to savorsilver.com for information on selling silver and Savor Silver brand members.

Listen to the customer

You have been given two ears and one mouth so make sure you listen twice as much as you speak.
Silver Tip: 57% of respondents increased their silver inventory in 2015.*

Maintain rapport when dealing with objections

Make sure the customer feels comfortable and don’t get defensive.
Silver Tip: 87% of retailers are optimistic that the silver sales boom will continue.*

Always cross sell

The best sales people would ask for the cross or up sell 100% of the time.
Silver Tip: Suggest the matching earring, layer the bracelet or ring to build the sale.

Ask for the sale

It is a salespersons job to close the sale and the customer will expect you to do this.
Silver Tip: 48% of retailers reported increased sales for silver during the 2015 holiday season.*

*National Jeweler/JA 2015 Retail Survey

The article was provided by the Silver Promotion Service, an international marketing organization dedicated to expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for silver jewelry. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit savorsilver.com.
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