August 10, 2015
We all know that a social media presence doesn’t just happen after you create accounts and pages. It can sometimes be a tricky process and take a lot of cultivating. Jewelers of America’s preferred social media marketing program, Likeable Jewelers, suggests the best course of action is to engage your pre-existing customers and fan base.

They already know who you are, what you offer and where you’re located. Using physical, tangible, offline tools will help you engage this audience to grow likes and fans. Likeable Jewelers suggests these offline tools -- many you already use daily -- to have in your arsenal to run a successful social media marketing campaign and get more "fans."

Business Cards

Almost every jewelry store and the employees of your staff have business cards and promo cards that they hand out in the store and at events. Add your Facebook website address and your other social media "handles" -- the titles of your accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, and you'll spur people to look for your presence online. Even just social networking logos will increase views online.  These are a simple updates to a traditional tool that is already an active part of your marketing campaign.

Store Signage 

Signs, flyers, posters, and window clings are the first and last thing people will see when walking through your doors. If you have a visible storefront, put a sign in the window saying “Like us on Facebook!” letting everyone know who passes by or stops to take a look at your beautiful jewelry that they can find your business online. Put a discreet table tent or framed flyer with your Instagram or Twitter handle on your counter. It will also get customers asking you and your employees about your pages. 

Jewelry Sales Receipts 

When someone buys a piece of jewelry, receipts are always present and often saved for such big ticket important purchases. Jewelry receipts go home with customers and have a lot of room for additional information like address, phone number, hours and web addresses. Adding a short line of text at the top or bottom of that slip of paper, such as “Find us on Facebook," will have a huge impact. 

Store Emails

This is probably the easiest and most obvious way to promote your social media presence but also the most underutilized. If your customers sign up for a newsletter or use their email address to enter a store contest, email them about your social media accounts to turn them into more "likes" and "fans.” To avoid these emails seeming spam-like, offer anyone who likes your page from the e-newsletter a free gem cleaning, 10% discount, or simply add the link to your email signature instead of making it a dedicated email. 

Your Staff 

While these tools will help you create a strong social media following for your jewelry business, you and your employees are the biggest factors in your jewelry business having a successful online following. If every employee mentions your social networking pages to the customers they interact with, it will have the best and longest impression. Incentivize your staff by holding contests to see who can refer the most people to engage with your social media pages. Personally ask your customers to review your business online and reward them with a discount on their next purchase. Showing your patrons that you care about their opinion helps build a bond that will keep them coming back for more. When these tools are used consistently, you’ll have an extremely strong social media representation. 

How to Get More Likeable Online

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