November 7, 2022
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There is nothing particularly fun about health care, and we all know that it can be stressful. When shopping for health care you may face trouble finding the right plan and navigating the process as a whole; you may even be concerned about renewal season.

The good news is the world of health care can be made simpler and even more affordable thanks to Jewelers of America’s partnership with MyHealthily. One solution to the to explore is whether non-insurance benefits can help in lowering health care costs.

The simple answer to this question is yes, but first it is important to understand what non-insurance benefits are.

Types of Non-Insurance Benefits

  • Paid Family Leave
  • Life/Health/Financial Coaching
  • Retirement Planning Resources
  • Health and Wellness Incentives
  • Flexible or Remote Work Options
  • Childcare/Eldercare
  • Maternity/Paternity leave

This is only a small list of benefits that employers can offer their team. While some of these perks are more popular than others, it is important to understand how certain ones may be able to help reduce health care costs for the whole team.

Supporting your Employees

It is important to show your team support and encouragement as this helps to foster a positive work environment. By offering extra benefits such as flexible worktime, paid family leave, life coaching, or even a pet friendly office, it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. With a less stress and anxiety, it is easier to stay healthy and maintain wellness.

Healthy Life, Happy Life

When you offer your team benefit options that cater to overall health and wellness it helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. Discounted company gym memberships, health & life coaches, and even offering healthy snacks in the break room help to encourage your employees to take care of their physical wellbeing.

Telemedicine Advantages

Seeing a doctor is inevitable, and free telemedicine services are another excellent non-insurance benefit to have available to your team. Telemedicine services such as these are even available to you for free as a member of Jewelers of America through Prosper Benefits.

Whether your team members are staying well on their own, or opting for available telemedecine visits, it is helpful in avoiding the costs that are associated with those trips to the doctor’s office and emergency rooms.

What Claims

One of the biggest factors in reducing health care costs through non-insurance benefits is the reduction of claims submitted to your insurance company. When your team has less and less doctor’s office and emergency room visits, there are less chances for the insurance to come back later and demand a higher rate next go around. Additionally, it is helpful in avoiding the need to pay copays that may be required for visits. This is one more way you and your whole team can save even more.

The Bottom Line

While non-insurance benefits may not fix all your problems, they can certainly help in keeping costs lower when it comes to total healthcare expenses. However, the end result is ultimately up to you and your team. The first and most important step is to offer these benefits, and to encourage everyone to use them.

If you are looking for ways to reduce health care costs for you and your team, Prosper Benefits is a great place to start. This suite of non-insurance benefits offers a few of the above-mentioned perks such as free telemedicine services, medical advocacy, childcare assistance research, e-pet care, financial and legal consultation, and so much more! Learn more at
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