May 5, 2020 MJM Global
In these rapidly evolving times, it is important that we all rise to the occasion. Jewelers of America is offering support for you, your families and employees in this difficult time. 

More than 30 million businesses have found themselves in survival mode and looking for a strategy to navigate through this time of crisis. Tensions are magnified because you and your team are trying so hard just to keep your business afloat. This could make you want to walk into a quiet room and lock the door, and Confidential Counseling could help.

Perhaps if we take a holistic approach to employee well-being, we can help manage their stress effectively, recognizing that the issues related to COVID-19 are taking everyday issues to the next level.

How do I help my employees and my business?

Many of your employees are finding themselves furloughed or laid off and are underinsured – or not insured at all – and therefore don’t possess the type of health care benefits that could help in this current situation. Perhaps you are not able to continue to offer them health care coverage and they are now faced with the option of COBRA at an extremely high cost.

High levels of stress from working remotely can lead to poor decision-making and an increase in mistakes, which in turn may lead to customer or client complaints. This dog-chasing-its-tail is likely to produce even more stress, resulting in additional costs to the company. 

It would be extremely beneficial for your employees, especially now, if you offered them access to remote health care. It is inexpensive and a valid replacement for the coverage they no longer have.

Is counseling really confidential? 

Yes, Client Confidentiality is the requirement that therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and most other mental health professionals follow to protect their client’s privacy by not revealing the contents of therapy. Client Confidentiality covers the individual being in therapy as well as what is discussed.

More organizations are realizing the benefits of Confidential Counseling and have noticed how this affects their bottom line in a positive manner. Confidential Counseling benefits are endless, including improved employee performance, decreased employee absenteeism, reduced stress levels and access to a certified counselor who cares; all benefits that lead to productivity gains. 

How will counseling help? 

All too often employees miss out on experiencing an improved quality of life because they are simply not aware of Confidential Counseling. While there is a wide variety of benefits, here are some examples as to how counseling can help employees live better lives in and out of the workplace. 

  • How to Handle Loss of Control: Beyond all the everyday issues commonly related to work and home life, we are now faced with having to “stay in place”, concern for relatives’ health, and what to do if we get the virus.
  • Reduces Stress Level:  Sometimes all it takes to relieve stress is the ability to talk to someone about worries and frustrations. Confidential Counseling provides a certified professional available 24/7 with whom concerns can be shared privately, over the phone or even online. Sharing concerns with an experienced counselor can provide a new perspective on things and help process difficult situations in a healthy way.
  • Resolves Personal Issues: Experiencing the death of a loved one, being the victim of abuse or affected by a natural disaster can cause personal and professional suffering. Going through these types of trials is difficult and painful, Confidential Counseling offers coping skills to relieve the grief and loss. 
  • Increases Job Performance: Many people don’t realize how much time they consume by dealing with the daily difficulties of this epidemic. Counseling enables the ability to be more focused on daily tasks. Struggling with personal issues, the inability to be organized or sticking to goals, all contribute to stress and decreased productivity.

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We want you to know Jewelers of America offers low-cost health care coverage solutions to remote health care access.

  • Immediate Solution, a $0 copay plan for $34.95 per adult per month; legal dependents are covered for free. This plan provides a suite of convenient, remote benefits. See a doctor or counselor from your smartphone, let negotiators talk down your medical bills and more.
  • Right Now Solution starting at $194 per month per person over 16 years of age, and $45 per month per legal dependent under 15 years of age. This plan is a catastrophic healthcare offering and the one most suited to protect you in the event you contract Covid-19 and require hospitalization or emergency care.

Visit for easy enrollment.

Note from Jewelers of America: JA has provided our members access to an amazing marketplace, It enables a reduction in health care premiums, flexibility in the design of your plan and better overall health care coverage for you, your family and your employees. By offering the added benefit of health care coverage, JA Members are able to retain their valued employees in the expanding job market. Learn more about here

About the Author: Rick Reiman is Vice President, Employee Benefits at MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group, Inc. Rick has over 15 years’ experience in the employee benefits marketplace including specific experience in Associations. MJM launched to help the industry see immediate and significant savings on one of their largest business expenses, while turning an otherwise complicated health insurance buying process into an easy system. 

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