October 22, 2019

diamondloose 600x300With the availability and access to diamond detection technology growing, how do jewelers know which device is right for them to test their diamond products? Diamond Producers of America (DPA), through Project ASSURE, has launched the “ASSURE Directory,” an online listing of diamond detection devices that are tested and reviewed so jewelers can find the right detection device for their needs. Here’s a quick introduction to how and why to use the ASSURE Directory.

What It Is

The ASSURE Directory is the first of its kind to classify lab-grown detection devices in detail including their detection performance. The online directory describes the performance characteristics, specs and price range of diamond devices from manufacturers of the most widely used verification devices on the market.

It is part of DPA’s Project ASSURE, an industry-wide program dedicated to maintaining consistent standards and analyzing Diamond Verification machines.
assure directory screenshotThe ASSURE Directory search

What It Tests

All submitted detection equipment is tested using Project ASSURE’s samples – a mix of loose natural and lab-grown diamonds – designed to challenge the machine and determine its proficiency. The test results are focused on four major characteristics: “the false positive rate” (ratio of stones incorrectly categorized); “referral rate” (ratio of stones referred to further testing); “accuracy” (ratio of stones correctly identified); and the speed of detecting.

The process and results are based on the Diamond Verification Instrument standard, a universal measure for detection machines developed by the industry leaders in the ASSURE program. All tests are performed by an independent, third-party laboratory to guarantee impartial results.

How To Use

On the ASSURE Directory webpage, you’ll find the running list of instruments Project ASSURE has tested and see the results for each machine’s performance, specifications and purchase details. Jewelers can filter the Directory by the specific capabilities or prices they are looking for in a device to help narrow the search.

More On the Lab-Grown Discussion

While the ASSURE Directory is an informative tool when it comes to detection equipment, it is important to stay up-to-date on other aspects of the lab-grown discussion. Jewelers of America encourages our members to use current best practices when it comes diamonds; JA Members can login to view and download our JA Guide for Jewelers on Laboratory-Grown Diamonds to learn the risks and best practices. You can also read what experts had to say about lab-grown diamond disruption at our National Convention in July.

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