April 12, 2021
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There are many reasons the power could go out at your jewelry business that don’t involve crime. High winds from a storm, a traffic accident, a planned outage or simply the handy work of a critter chewing on power lines can all cause power outages and have the potential to disrupt your business.  
February 5, 2021

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global

As a business who has spent the better part of a year in pandemic mode, you know more than a little about giving up things for the good of everyone. As individuals, we all gave up even more, from birthdays to holidays to work. We all did things for the betterment of our neighbors, our community, our country and even the world. 
September 28, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global

There are a lot of things business owners need to focus on right now when dealing with the implications of a global pandemic. Not only are the health and safety of staff and customers a priority, but theft remains a concern. As you already know, theft comes in many forms, money laundering included.
September 3, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global

For small businesses, these challenging times call for flexibility, agility and creativity. The ability to pivot from a physical presence to an online presence could help a business survive, or even thrive.
August 4, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global

Historically, asking everyday Americans to navigate health care coverage was like asking passengers to fly the plane.

June 1, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global

Now that businesses are opening back up, a thorough review of your security procedures is a must.

May 5, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global
In these rapidly evolving times, it is important that we all rise to the occasion. Jewelers of America is offering support for you, your families and employees in this difficult time. 

February 19, 2020

JewelersHealthCare.com MJM Global
Small employers that do not shy away from offering health care coverage, due to a perceived cost and administration headache, reap many benefits. Though offering health insurance, or dental and vision, is not a requirement until your company reaches 50+ full-time employees, those small employers who do offer benefits to their employees give themselves a huge advantage in the marketplace. 

December 2, 2019
Jewelers Mutual Water Damage
Once the cold weather sets in, the likelihood of property damage increases. No matter the season, a loss from water damage is real and the cost for repair can add up quickly. Read on for four tips from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to ensure water damage doesn’t dry up your resources.
November 6, 2019
Jewelers Mutual Store Security
Do you know what the weakest spot in your security is? Chances are criminals could recognize it quickly. When they do, they'll take the path of least resistance to exploit it. Even if you have strong store security, criminals get creative when committing crimes. Prevent these crimes from happening with these tips from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group.

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