November birthstones: Citrine, Topaz
Citrine and Topaz reflect the warm tones of the fall season in which November babies are born. See our picks for beautiful November birthstone jewelry gifts.

Citrine gets its name from the French word “citron,” which means lemon. It's colors bring to mind the wamth of mid-day sun and range from pale yellow to deep burnt orange.

Topaz dates to biblical times and was originally discovered in its yellow form -- and sometimes confused for citrine, which is why they share in celebrating this birthstone month. While it is known for its warm amber, orange and brown shades, it can be found in a range of colors from pinks to cool blues and greens.

When shopping for birthstone jewelry gifts, always shop with professional jewelers -- look for jewelry stores that are Jewelers of America Members -- who can show you a range of options and explain any special properties of the birthstone jewelry.

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All birthstone jewelry pictured is by jewelry designers who are members of Jewelers of America and uphold the highest social, environmental and ethical business practices.

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