September Birthstone: Sapphire
Don't be blue when searching for September birthday gifts; we've got you covered with jewelry featuring sapphire, the September birthstone, in every color of the rainbow.  See our picks for sapphire jewelry birthday gifts.

Sapphire is often most known for its deep blue variety, in fact the ancient Greek writers referred to sapphires as hyacinths after the beautiful blue flowers. Yet it is one of the most colorful gemstones on earth. Sapphire's colorful options lets September babies mix and match their birthstone jewelry. As gifts, you can further customize September birthstone jewelry by selecting pieces in the birthday girl or guy's favorite colors. See more sapphire facts.

Sapphire birthstone jewelry gives your gift a personalized touch that shows how much you care. When shopping for birthstone jewelry gifts, always shop with professional jewelers -- look for jewelry stores that are Jewelers of America Members -- who can show you a range of options and explain any special properties of the birthstone jewelry.

Browse jewelry and jewelry gift ideas by other Jewelers of America designer members in our Jewelry Gallery.

All birthstone jewelry pictured is by jewelry designers who are members of Jewelers of America and uphold the highest social, environmental and ethical business practices.

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