Vitae Ascendere Designs

Unique, modern, architectural jewelry, designed and manufactured in NYC. 3D printed with state of the art technology, cast in precious metal and finished by a craftsman in our New York studio.
Platonics collection:
Pieces that recognize the symmetry and historical interest of the platonic solids. With the same number of identical faces meeting at each vertex there are only five: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.
That these are iconic shapes has been known and studied over the ages.
Our pieces begin with the linear symmetry of the form, then extend with
playful curves.
The Pattern of leaf venation are varried, often complex and fascinating. An image of a Korean Forsythia Leaf was the basis of out leaf pendant and earrings. 
The Metal Lace pieces are informed by mathematical algorithms that illuminate natural phenomena. Coupled with organic shapes the resulting surfaces undulate and flow with inherent grace.
Beolli for Vitae Ascendere is our newest design cooperation. Fluid lines and dramatic profiles that are futuristic and unique, gems that tell a story in an unconvential way.

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Year Established: 2014

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