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“I don’t see myself as following trends, rather I am following my passion.” Explains Lori Friedman, the designer behind Loriann Jewelry, the painterly yet organic collection of pieces that recall the serenity and fluidity associated with the ocean and the inherent yet beautiful irregularities found in nature.

Inspired by all that Mother Nature provides, Lori’s work is also a culmination of personal influences, including her own hobby of painting with watercolors as well as her love of all of her surroundings and her travels.

It’s not surprising to learn that Lori’s mother was a vintage jewelry collector. “My initial passion for jewelry was first fueled while treasure hunting with my mom on weekends.  What Lori was most attracted to during those times were antique and ancient ivory pieces, which she gathered and bought each time she found one. “I was fascinated by the intricate and exquisite detail of these carvings, which I held onto for a long time.”

Lori’s first career was as a graphic designer and art director for an engineering company and eventually a freelance designer for small businesses. After a brief hiatus to spend time with her children, Lori’s attraction to uncommon gemstones and unexpected color combinations led her to create a small group of one-of-a-kind pieces with rare stones. She included the ivory pieces she held onto for so long. After all of these pieces sold, she continued designing and in 2016 launched a full-scale jewelry collection.”

Her fine jewelry line has evolved from her first collection, which was aptly named Water & Ice and reflects the aquatic fluidity and calming translucency of the ocean. “My initial instincts are always to go with the tranquil and tonal blue, green hues but I have since realized I needed to expand past my comfort zone.  As I move forward, I am working with combinations that evoke far off lands and tropical islands—punchy vibrant and exuberant colors which remind me of lush plants and vivid floral blossoms.” Lori explains.

Lori who believes in the power of gemstones for luck, passion, prosperity, and love has always had an affinity for women wearing amulets and has created talisman such as horns in natural stones with diamond and other accent gems ‘to bring all of the women who love, buy and wear my jewelry good fortune.”

“I don’t believe in rules or restrictions when it comes to jewelry—never be hesitant to layer different themes or colors within my collection. It’s all about wearing what you love and loving what you wear!” She exclaims.

Lori recently won the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award at the Summer 2017 JA Show.

Loriann Jewelry is a proud Supplier Member of Jewelers of America. JA Supplier Members include the finest jewelry design firms, jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers among other jewelry businesses. All commit to JA's Code of Professional Practices, so you can have confidence in their product's quality and source.

Loriann Jewelry

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