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Every Box has a Story

Whether you're celebrating a new chapter or the continuation of a long and wonderful tale, we'll help make your moment one to remember.

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The people behind every box

It's no exaggeration. Every Lee Michaels box has a story.  Because every day, momentous occasions occur in our customers' lives, whether a birthday, anniversary, engagement, marriage, birth of a child, promotion, or a graduation. Every day, someone we know now, or a new customer we'll meet, has a reason to celebrate. Some moments are shared publicly; some are very intimate - private celebrations of hard won personal victories or personal displays of love's lasting power. In any event and for every event, Lee Michaels is prepared to make the moment your box is opened an unforgettable one.

Knowing we've played a part in these special story in a box moments has energized us since Lee and Brenda Berg first opened the doors of their original Baton Rouge store in 1978. Their passion for the finest gems, timepieces, and giftware by the world's most distinguished designers and craftspeople extends through their family’s next generation with Ryan, Scott, and Chad Berg.  More than 180 employees in eight stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas share that passion to deliver extraordinary symbols of emotion and life's experiences.

For more than three decades, Lee Michaels has concentrated on strengthening relationships within the communities that contribute to its success. These important bonds form the foundation and focus of our business. We believe building enduring relationships requires time and a commitment to improving the communities for all who reside there. Joining our customers in community organizations and endeavors allows us to demonstrate our friendship and commitment to them and all our neighbors. Our associates are encouraged to help their fellow citizens improve their quality of life through real and positive changes that make lasting differences in our society. We support many of our clients' activities as expressions of appreciation for their friendship, loyalty, and in recognition of their own contributions to our communities. As Lee says, 'The more we give back in good will, the more we receive in return.'

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is a proud member of Jewelers of America.

Year Established: 1978

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Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

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