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Our Story Starts With a Journey
Becky Thatcher has been designing exquisite, handmade jewelry for over 3 decades. These fine pieces feature locally acquired stones, set against rarer gemstones, recalling distant places. Boulder opal, sapphire, quartz and beryl from across the seas are set beside the Petoskey, beachstones and fossils of northern Lake Michigan’s pristine shoreline.

Collecting Stories
The beauty of a stone and the care with which it is mined are the foundation of Becky’s inspiration and are paramount to the story of the finished piece.

Materials are sourced from some of the finest cutters and most reputable collectors in the United States and beyond. For over 35 years, Becky Thatcher has forged relationships with these stewards of the earth and seen their cutting studios and craftsmanship firsthand.

An Invitation
The stone compositions bring near and far, past and present into each piece. Experience the sense of a journey’s return that every piece evokes. The flagship store in Glen Arbor, Michigan or the stores in Leland, or Traverse City may be just where you find your own story.

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Becky Thatcher Designs, Inc. is a proud member of Jewelers of America.

Becky Thatcher Designs, Inc.

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