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Drukker Designs offers gold and silver jewelry with semiprecious multicolored gemstones for every occasion designed by Elena Drukker. From timeless classic designs that go equally well with everyday clothes and an evening gown; to elaborate contemporary pieces for those wishing to make a bold statement -- we have jewelry for every taste and occasion, with over 2000 unique models in 22 collections to choose from. Most of our earrings have a latch-back clasp, which is the most secure earring clasp available; we also have omega, as well as post earrings. All silver items are double plated: with Palladium, to help Rhodium in the next layer, to adhere securely; and Rhodium itself, that ensures years of tarnish-free wear and shine and white color, just like white gold looks and wears. No nickel is ever used in the making of our jewelry, so nickel-sensitive people can comfortably wear it.

Drukker Designs is a proud Supplier Member of Jewelers of America. JA Supplier Members include the finest jewelry design firms, jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers among other jewelry businesses. All commit to JA's Code of Professional Practices, so you can have confidence in their product's quality and source.

Year Established: 2011

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