February 21, 2017
buddha mama jewelry designer
When we think of bold jewelry laced with roots stemming from exotic travels and experiences, we think of Buddha Mama. Inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions, their striking and highly detailed pieces give off infectious positive vibes. We spoke with the brains behind Buddha Mama to learn about their inspiration, the design process, and what's ahead for the growing brand.

How did you get your start in the jewelry industry?

I've always had an interest in jewels, collecting special pieces along the way. One year I started stringing beads to raise funds for a local Buddhist center. From there it really took off, starting with a small collection -- I got hooked!

What inspires your designs?

So many things. Often my daughter and I get inspired on travels, seeing different places. Stones are inspiring also, a special color or a funky shape. One of our main designs is the Mandala, 8 pointed flower like symbol. We have many variations of this; filigree, enamel, all diamonds, etc. This was the first design I ever created and we try to reinvent every year or so, making sure to keep the Mandala apart of every collection.

For you personally, what are your most loved/worn accessories?

Hand bracelet, skull ring with diamond eyes, favorite diamond flower studs and blue jeans.

What is your design process; how do you source your materials?

Depends. If we find an amazing stone and have a lightbulb idea, knowing exactly what we could do with it, then we sketch. Or sketch first, find special stones and then create. We travel to Tucson and have a few gem dealers visit us throughout the year so we get to see lots of goodies.  

Do you have any upcoming projects or collections you’re particularly excited about? 

We are working on a few Emerald pieces recently sourced from GemFields. Also a few diamond statement pieces, can’t wait!
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