The 2016 CASE Award winners were selected at the JA New York Show, March 13-15, 2016.

2016 CASE Award Winners

A truly beautiful piece of jewelry combines nature’s most splendid handiwork with the vision and artistic creativity of the jewelry designer and the skill and execution of the fabricating jeweler. Jewelers of America’s national retailer design competition – The CASE Awards – honors the jewelers who create jewelry pieces with the highest levels of creativity, artistry, skills and excellence in quality and style. With the CASE Awards, Jewelers of America shines a spotlight on the custom design craftsmanship found in the jewelry stores of Jewelers of America members nationwide.

To be recognized with a CASE Award, Jewelers of America members must express their individuality and craft through the design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The jewelry is judged at the show by a panel of industry experts on overall design, marketability, wearability and quality of manufacture. The Buyer’s Choice is selected by the votes of attendees at the JA New York Show.

CASE Awards FAQs

Pieces entered into the CASE Awards jewelry design competition are displayed during the JA New York Winter/Spring Show at Jewelers of America's booth and there is the potential for thousands of show attendees to view your work and vote on their favorite piece.
The 2016 entry period has closed. Entries are selected in the order they are received, up to a maximum of 15 pieces per award category.

Regional Jewelry Association Winners

If your piece has won first place in a design competition sponsored by an eligible regional jewelry association, it receives automatic entry into The CASE Awards (entry fee: $50). The individual entrant must meet all eligibility and procedural requirements outlined in the CASE Award guidelines.

At-Large Entries

Members of Jewelers of America who do not participate in regional jewelry association design competitions, may submit “at-large” entries (entry fee: $75.00). At-large entries will be accepted in the order entry forms are received, after any eligible state and regional jewelry association competition winners, until the maximum of 15 entries is reached. 
  • Jewelry to $2,000 retail value
  • Jewelry $2,001 to $5,000 retail value
  • Jewelry $5,001 to $10,000 retail value
  • Jewelry over $10,000 retail value

Jewelers of America will award a maximum of 5 CASE Awards: First-Place CASE Awards in the four competition categories and a Buyer's Choice Award that is selected by the votes of JA New York Show attendees.
Read the CASE Award Guidelines here.

Individuals submitting pieces must be employed in a JA Retail Member jewelry store prior to the final submission deadline. Only one entry per category per designer is permitted. 

Jewelers of America reserves the right to re-assign an entrant’s selected design category if another category is deemed more appropriate based on the characteristics of the piece submitted.
  • A customized CASE Awards trophy from Jewelers of America
  • Professional, high-resolution images of the winning piece, for use in store marketing and promotion
  • Major trade media promotion, featuring photos and descriptions of winning pieces
  • Promotion at Jewelers of America’s website,
  • First-place winners will receive individual press releases for use with local media
Each CASE Award entrant is responsible for insuring all pieces that are shipped to Jewelers of America and verifying that pieces arrive prior to the competition deadline. Jewelers of America assumes all responsibility for the safety and security of each entry once it is received at our headquarters, and pieces are fully insured during transport between the show site and the Jewelers of America’s office. The security of your pieces is high priority and they are stored in secure displays or vaults while at the JA office, on the JA New York Show floor, and stored overnight at Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Jewelers of America will return all pieces within 10 business days of the close of the JA New York Show, and will ship all pieces fully insured for the stated “cost of goods” dollar amount on the official competition entry form. No pieces can be returned directly to any individual during the JA New York Show.
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