b'2021 JEWELRY STYLE GUIDE TRENDS Colorful CombosColor is undeniably hot right now. While one gemstone is great, designers are turning jewelry into bold works of art by colorfully combining bold gemstones to create statement worthy jewels. Ring: GiGi Ferranti, see pg. 12Something to SayVote necklaces made waves in September and October. Jill Bidens Mama necklace has started another mama movement. The truth is, jewelry with sentimental or political statements say more than spoken words can. Necklaces: A. Jaffe, see pg. 13CollarsJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had women, young and old alike, drawn to her famous jabots. Herdissent collar took on a life of its own and became a larger symbol for women standing up and having a voice. This is just one reason that collars will continue to captivate in 2021. Necklace: Todd Reed, see pg. 15 HoopsHoop earrings of all shapes and sizes are another Zoom friendly accessory. They instantly dress up any outfit in a way that isnt overly dressed. Embellished hoops update this otherwise traditional trend. Earrings: Lika Behar, see pg. 264 2O21 STYLE GUIDE'