b'JEWELERS OF AMERICAS 2021 JEWELRY STYLE GUIDEThe jewelry featured in this trend book is from the members of Jewelers of America, Platinum Guild International and Silver Promotion Service.At Jewelers of America, our mission is to improve consumer confidence in the jewelry industry and garner enthusiasm for fine jewelry. We couldnt do it without the incredible jewelry coverage from editors like you! If you ever need jewelry, jewelry images or jewelry information including pieces outside of this book dont hesitate to reach out to us or our incredible co-sponsors.FOR PRODUCT REQUESTS OR INFORMATION: JEWELERS OF AMERICAJewelers of America (JA) is the national trade association for businesses servingwww.jewelers.orgthe fine jewelry marketplace. Jewelers of Americas primary purpose is toFacebook: @JewelersofAmericaimprove consumer confidence in the jewelry industry through its leadershipTwitter: @Jewelers_JAin public, government and industry affairs; by advocating professionalism,Instagram: @jewelersofamericaincluding high ethical, social and environmental standards; and by facilitating members access to education. Visit www.jewelers.org for more information.Amanda Gizzi Lauren Kalma Director of Public Relations & Events Public Relations & Events ManagerT: (646) 658-5811 T: (646) 658-5819E: agizzi@jewelers.org E: lkalma@jewelers.orgSILVER PROMOTION SERVICESilvers unique combination of physical characteristics allows it to be shaped and crafted into almost any design imaginable, giving jewelry designers the opportunity to be more expressive with creative designs and bold pieces. And this year silver has taken thespotlight as the metal shown on the fashion runways, giving silver center stage ! For 2021 silver jewelry designers have created looks for every trend and every customer. From tailored to bold, petite to large and layered. Creamy pearls and accents of color compliment the luster of silverand are crafted in fresh new designs. From the modern looks of Joryel Vera to the sophisticated shapes of Martha Seely2021 is the year for silver! Gloria MaccaroniT: (201) 707-3745E: gloria.maccaroni@verizon.netW: www.savorsilver.comPLATINUM GUILD INTERNATIONALPlatinum, the worlds most precious metal, is the go-to material not only for the wedding jewelry category, but also in fashion jewelry.Platinum is rare and is celebrated for its strength and naturally white color that holds a diamond or gemstone more securely than other precious metals. Its durable nature allows its jewelry pieces to stand the test of time, making it the perfect heirloom to pass to future generations. Platinum epitomizes luxury, quality and authenticity. Its naturally white color serves as the perfect frame to accentuate the details of more luxury designs. Not all metals can claim this, and platinum is proud to say it is hypoallergenic which is increasingly important to todays consumer. Platinum jewelry will never go out of style.Mackenzie KeefeT: (212) 404-1601E: mkeefe@pgiglobal.comW: www.platinumjewelry.com'