Retail Jeweler Benchmarking Study
Jewelers of America and Jewelers Board of Trade have partnered to produce a 2019 Retail Jewelers Benchmarking Study to bring retailers the information they need to see trends specific to the jewelry industry, and provide comparative information to assist you in making crucial business decisions and increase your profitability. It will be the most complete financial benchmarking report available to retail jewelers in the U.S. -- with your help!

Retail jewelers who submitted their company's fiscal year 2018 data to the study will receive free access to invaluable benchmarking reports in an online platform powered by Dynamic Benchmarking. 

The 2019 Retail Jewelers Benchmarking Study has closed. Stay tuned for the release of the reports. 


The Reports & What You'll Get

If you participated, you'll have free access* to online performance analysis reports ($295 value) that include:
  • how your store’s profitability, productivity and financial performance compares to your competition and industry averages
  • benchmarking reports to identify strengths and weaknesses on categories such as: store operations, staffing, sales data, merchandise by category, inventory and expenses
  • reporting on key performance indicators like gross profit, inventory turn, average unit sale, average transaction amount, and sales per square foot
  • dynamic filtering on data points (like location, store size, employee count) to compare information to your peers
  • information to empower you to make informed decisions and improve your profitability.


Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Participants must have completed all of the required questions to receive access to the comparative reporting. Benchmarking data will be available once the data collection period ends.
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