August 17, 2015

On February 11, JA offered a free webinar hosted by our social media marketing partner, Likeable Jewelers, that covered eight strategies that help jewelers "sell without selling" on social media. There are many great takeaways from the presentation, we've highlighted a few here and included the presentation slides below. Make sure you don't miss the next webinar!

We're all aware of how much social media has permeated our daily lives -- people chat, share and shop via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. In fact, Likeable Jewelers Sales and Marketing Director Nicole Kroese pointed out that 69% of Americans are more likely to buy from a business that has information on a social media site. If you aren't capitalizing on your company's social media presence, here are four ways to boost your social success.

1. Be Choosy 
Don't try to maintain a presence everywhere for your brand. Select the best social media channels for your unique business. Likeable Jewelers suggests three platforms max.

2. Listen & Respond
Make sure to comment back when people interact with your social media pages and posts. Whether responding to a Facebook comment, retweeting a customer's positive tweet, or thanking them for their feedback, you need to respond quickly. As Kroese pointed out in the webinar, "this is your chance to showcase your expertise!"

4. Stop Thinking Social is Free
Kroese emphasized that to truly succeed in social media, you have to invest in it. Invest your time, invest in expertise and invest in advertising. For jewelers who don't have the time or expertise, members of Jewelers of America can save on Likeable Jewelers social media management platform, which manages posts and advertising for you and offers many more marketing perks for Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about the Likeable Jeweler discount here.


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